More Plush than Rush

From cuts to color, we believe each time you visit our salon you should spend quality one-on-one time time with us. Efficiency should not come at the expense of hospitality. 

Just for You

“An extension of my living room, a reflection of my appreciation, a space for you to look and feel beautiful – After almost two decades of building a life and business together, I would like to invite you to a new salon experience. Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel for the welcome embrace you gave us all at William Wallace. I am humbled by the support of the community, my valued friends, and clients. As a thank you, I have launched William J Salon to better serve you. Come in. Make yourself at home. Roy Thomas and I are looking forward to spending time with you.”

Just in Time

With more than two decades of experience, Justin has spent his career specializing in custom color and extension techniques to tackle your worst problem or your wildest fantasy.

A space designed with you in mind.

Every decision at William J Salon was made with the customer in mind. From eclectic artwork to comfy seating, this space was built around creating an atmosphere of luxury. We’d like to highlight a couple of the artists whose creativity is wildly on display at William J Salon.

Nancy Price

Nancy Price

Interior Design

Kelly O'Neal

Kelly O'Neal